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We have an ambition to build an
efficient engineering team with
“can do” attitude, capable of
resolving problems of any
complexity & make
a difference.
Our team is based
on common goals,
culture, values, jokes
& passion for technology.

We haven’t achieved our goal yet, but each new professional joining us, enriches our team with their individuality, expertise and experience. It helps us to learn and make another step in the right direction.


What Makes Us Unique

While offering a wide range of IT Services to corporate clients in Western India, we have a clear focus on engineering of cloud services & platforms (SaaS & PaaS).

Typically, platforms are much more complex & demanding compared to applications. It affects technologies & approaches we use.
In addition, it is pushing us to become subject matter experts in areas like
  • Databases
  • API Management
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • Auto-Remediation Systems
  • Cyber Security & Protection

Our portfolio is expanding constantly which is pushing our team to grow and mature accordingly.


Not Just Technology

While we have quite a few “mom & pop stores” as our customers, our clear focus is on Fortune 500 clients. Our corporate portfolio continues to grow.

It gives us an opportunity to work directly with our clients’ engineering teams and visit them on a regular basis.

By working with such organizations, we constantly learn how IT world functions these days, where it’s going, and what it takes to be successful working for an enterprise in India. With such experience and proper attitude, our engineers are prepared to meet current demands wherever the future will take them.

In addition to that, partnering with such powerful players gives us a chance to contribute to the attempt to make the world a better place.
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So What’s the Reward

  • Attractive compensation package, paid vacation, sick days, national holidays & trainings.
  • Chance to contribute to projects with the real and global impact.
  • Tight collaboration with the engineering teams of our clients. We learn from them every day!
  • Stimulating, dynamic & rewarding work environment, flexible work hours & possibility for telecommuting. It is never boring here. Some of our colleagues (not all) have a well-developed sense of humor.
  • Our organization is flat, but we offer individual career paths in technical or management directions.
  • Office located in the Surat City Center

We are looking for Talent

  • Lead Frontend Engineer
    Job Summary

    We are looking for a senior hands-on professional who is passionate about frontend development and able to lead development of various solutions. We develop a portfolio of cloud platforms and services for one of our corporate clients. The portfolio includes several PaaS-like services (e.g. DB as a Service, API Management as a Service, Monitoring as a Service). While being very different from the backend point of view, all frontend pieces are following the same ideology, based on the same tech stack, and partially aligned technical design. Smooth user experience is one of the success factors for this portfolio of large projects. The successful candidate will spend 60% of his/her time developing various solutions and 40% leading the team of frontend engineers responsible for the portfolio. This is an excellent opportunity for a senior engineer who wants to make a next step in his/her career and take some leadership challenge to make a shift from individual contribution to team success while staying hands-on. Your technical expertise and leadership will help us to ensure efficiency of our frontend development processes as we expand.

    Responsibilities & Duties

    As a lead for our frontend development direction you are responsible for the smooth delivery of all projects in your portfolio. That might include:

    • Architecture development and technical design for a group of projects, setting up guidelines and standards
    • Implementation of common and core components for all projects
    • Supervision of several frontend developers
    • Ensure efficiency of the development process, verify deliverables of the entire frontend team
    • Regular communication with client(s), gathering feedback, detecting business and technology opportunities
    • Regular and structured reporting to the management team
    Qualifications & Skills
    • Proven experience as a Senior Frontend Engineer
    • 4+ years in software development, experience with enterprise grade systems in corporate environment
    • Advanced knowledge of Vue.js and other JavaScript frameworks
    • Knowledge of design patterns, technological and management trends
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Problem-solving aptitude
    • Excellent English (written and spoken)
    • BTech in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field
    What We Offer
    • Attractive compensation, paid vacation, sick days, national holidays and trainings
    • Ability to visit international client sites, closely collaborate with engineering teams of our clients – large corporate enterprises leading in their sectors
    • Stimulating, dynamic and growing team, office located in the Surat City Center
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Vacancy: Lead Frontend Enginee (remote)


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